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23 January 2012 ·

Wonder Woman gets the cover of Previews


Wonder Woman, love guns a blazing, gets the cover of this month’s Previews magazine. Good to see this title getting visibility. Also did you note that Cliff Chiang was listed as co-writer on issue 8? I asked him about the other day and he said it was “just something we’re trying out.”

I want a poster of this cover with the “Wonder Woman: Warrior of Love”

20 January 2012 ·

VALIANT Unveils X-O Manowar, 2012 FCBD

We told you that the VALIANT Comics first look was coming and now IGN has revealed our first look at the new VALIANT, in the form of what I guess is an X-O Manowar cover or key art for a Free Comic Book day offering that serves as a taster mini-anthology for VALIANT’s upcoming relaunch. First impression?

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8 December 2011 ·

A bit dated, but one of my favorite VALIANT related banners ever. Pretty sure this is by Stu Berryhill. 

A bit dated, but one of my favorite VALIANT related banners ever. Pretty sure this is by Stu Berryhill. 

6 December 2011 ·

YOU can be a VALIANT Slave!

Over at the official facebook, team-VALIANT has announced that they are now taking applications for interns.  This is not anything to sneeze at because I have offered my own services but am unable to work due to my status as a non-student (these are the problems Sith masters have). Want to know how to qualify, potential eggbreaker?

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5 December 2011 ·

VALIANT Brass at Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival

Over at their facebook the VALIANT comics brass mentioned they would be perusing today’s Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival, partly to “scope out the floor for new upcoming talent!”.

Whack people stay away! For the talented cats, YOU might be the next creator on such awesome as Ninjak or Rai.  If anyone see’s anything going down - clandestine meetings, a drink shared -  let the world know!

4 December 2011 ·

Lost RAI Scripture from the VALIANT Bible (Old Testament)

Most people know that I’m a VALIANT fan. Specifically, to put it all out there rather plain, I think VALIANT’s run through the Unity crossover are the best comics I’ve ever read. It was the last time that comics tried to drag me into a world and not just a single concept that has nothing to do with anything else. A lot of people feel that very quality is the epitome of comics awesome, but while I can appreciate both and elevate example of both to the high shelf, I’m really a Risk guy, a pre-MMO Warlord with a map and lego fetish at heart. Like Golden Eye on Nintendo 64, Mario Kart, and Ménage à trois, the more the merrier. Which brings us to Rai #0. It’s up there as one of my favorite single issues ever, one that was born of and had one foot on the precipice of greatness, but instead became a symbol of what was lost.

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3 December 2011 ·

VALIANT RAI TPB review From the Vaults

This is a rough review I did of the original RAI trade from VALIANT Comics. Time to get primed due to the impending awesome we told you about earlier, so I thought it would be a good time to mention it again.

3 December 2011 ·

VALIANT First Look in One Week!

Adding on to and updating the status of our VALIANT Boss Hints at Holiday News For Faithful word from earlier in the week, yesterday Dinesh Shamdasani started a threat at the boards with this heading:

Thanks for being patient. VALIANT 2012 is almost here

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3 December 2011 ·

Won on One – Magnus: Robot Fighter

A little Magnus: Robot Fighter love! This a post I threw up at Boomtron. I wanted to do a lot more like this (it’s similar to my Ninjak post), and have a lot of ideas and half done pieces in drafts, but I could never find a place I felt right for them, minus me making a full site for them, and that’s more of a group blog project in my mind.

2 December 2011 ·


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